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Money saving codes for internet shopping

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Hello all


Has anyone got any money off codes for internet shopping sites?

I was prompted to post this after Penguinmad gave me one for Lakeland (didn't seem to work, but it would have been very cool if it had done !)


I wondered if people could post codes here if they saw them. I'm sure other forums do this sort of thing too, but I havn't got the time or inclination to visit them! :D

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I often just google for a discount code when buying online - there are some sites out there that host discount codes but whenever I use them they never ever work :roll:


A thread that runs on the forum would be a good idea but would need a whole load of effort to keep up to date as these internet codes date so very quickly.


Another way to save some money is using a cashback site for internet purchases. I used one with John Lewis and got £30.00 off my fridge even though they state they won't pay cashback if you used a discount code (which I did, an extra £20 off :D )




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I have used http://www.hotukdeals.com/ before to search for voucher codes with some success. Managed to get a £79 microwave for £39 last week using codes from the site.


I agree with what Andrew says though, that it would take a lot of effort to keep a thread on here up-to-date. Sites like the one I mention have trouble keeping up and they have a team of people looking after it!



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I use hotukdeals as well as moneysavingexpert.com for all mine. There are just so many but as a rule you can usually find a code for ~Tesco online and also usually there is one for John Lewis online - often makes it cheaper than buying instore.


Sorry the Lakeland one didn't work - I wasn't sure of the expiry but it was working at the beginning of their sale.


Another good thing about the sites is that sometimes people list the bargains too - before Xmas Amazon reduced a load of toys and there was a list of them on moneysavingexpert - I ordered a pair of remote control daleks that arrived on Xmas eve!


Sign up for the newsletter at moneysavingexpert if you never plough through the forums, if you are looking for bargains the forum to go for is "grabbit". Some people even got a Roboraptor from Argos for $7.99 due to a pricing error! Others have been getting 2 free dinner services from Wilkos (annoyingly they had none in mine - I looked!)

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Hi, I know you said you didn't have any inclination to visit other sites, but TBH if you're serious about getting money off then its the only way. You'll never get the range of discounts on this forum that you get on dedicated forums.


Personally I use monesavingexpert.com's discount voucher forum. I have it saved on my taskbar so I can get to it without having to navigate through the whole MSE website. Here's a direct link to the that forum http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/forumdisplay.html?f=38


There are specific threads for some of the major retailers/supermarkets, but for others I usually use the search this forum. Just follow the link above then select "Search this forum"



Then I type in the "shop" i'm looking for and select "show posts"




The other day I bought £85 off stuff in the Debenhams sale. Using MSE, I got 10% off (saving £8.50), free delivery (saving £3.95), AND i went through Quisco and got an extra 4% cash back off the total. In total, I saved over £15 on an £85 shop.


It's definitely worth doing!


EDITED TO ADD: I just checked MSE for a Brastop code and found a 15% off code added today. So, I've just saved £3 on a £20 bra, PLUS I went through Quidco and will get £1.70 cash back as well, total saving £4.70 on £20.

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If anyone has ordered from Amazon in the last 30 days and your items are now cheaper you can claim a refund on the difference.


I have just got back over £15 on my christmas order


They replied within minutes aswell :D

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