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Mel (& Paul)

mind bending puzzle.

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Ok so one of my less useful presents was a desk calender with mind bending puzzles on each day (as if my brain doesnt hurt enough as it is)


I thought this one was apt:




We are admiring some colourful organic free range eggs (well actually the puzzle said ceramic but I thought we would keep to what we know!)


I had you 10 eggs numbered 12 through 21.


I select one of the egs at random, and it happens to be egg 13.


Now smiling strangely (all been there :twisted: ) I randomly pick two more eggs: egg 14 and egg 17.


I select a final egg


Is this egg more likely to be even than odd (and what are the chances of it being covered in chicken poo - yes, I know, I added that bit too :roll::wink: )



Anyone got the time to do it or have you all lost the will to live :wink:

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I love puzzles. This does seem to be as straightforward as Swiss Chick and Chocchick say, and I'd go along with 4:3 in favour of the last egg being even.


I guess some people get confused by the selections that have already been made, which might make it seem very complicated. But obviously Omleteers are far too bright to be caught out like that! :)


For another conundrum of this type, try the famous Monty Hall puzzle. 8)

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:P:P:P I love puzzles! I also love giving different answers to everyone else. :roll::wink:


I think the answer you have is that the chance is 50/50.

Whatever egg you pick, no matter how many you have chosen already (as long as the choice is still odd/even numbers), the egg you take will either be odd or even. As you hold that egg in your hand, it has an equal chance of being either odd or even.


PS I'm not a mathematician but love numbers. :P

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I bet this puzzle has been "laid" by a man.

My hubby's husband Mr. Ken .... was member of Mensa and wrote all this puzzle books. Sadly he died 2 months ago at 80. My hubby loves this sort of thing. I just think,,,, why bother the world has so much more urgent matters to solve so 50:50 sounds good to mee too 8)

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:P Well, I stand by my original reply (more chocolate, Sarah? :D:wink: ) but I would like to add a 2nd part. Just to really annoy eveyone. :P:wink:

So, answer based on logic is 50/50 chance ...it's like flipping a coin...the chance of heads or tails is always 50/50 before each throw...even if you have just thrown 99 consecutive heads.

But, if you are going to gamble, there are intuitive odds (highly unscientific) that make us feel that surely we would risk that tails must come up soon.

So, to take this, and the method of card counting when gamblers take risks according to which cards are still remaining, I would think that a gambler would go say 40/60 based on the eggs already gone.


However, I'll still say 50/50. Where's Mel with the answer?

Can't wait for tomorrow's puzzle!

Are you going to post one for us every day? :P

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