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Record egg day!!

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9 eggs!!! Three from the ex-batts although one was broken in the nest (yes two are making the trip upstairs to use the nest to lay :D ) :D five from our big hens and one from the silkie! AND there's still a possibility that Matilda will lay and Duck is in the nest as well!!!

Blimey, eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner!!

!egg! !egg! !egg! !egg! !egg! !egg! !egg! !egg! !egg!


Mrs Bertie

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UPDATE _ just found another one!! Duck has laid and Sharon is nesting ni the straw bale in the greenhouse!! Thank goodness it doesn't happen every day that'd be 70 eggs a week!! :shock::D


So that's 10 !egg! today!!


edit - here they are!





Wow, what clever girls, better make them something nice for their afternoon snack!


Mrs B

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It's never happened before, we had 8 once, before that our record was 7, normally its sort of 3-5 or maybe 6, which for 15 hens is alright ish


With this many eggs I could make something from my Mrs Beeton book, she always uses hundreds of eggs and full cream and butter!


In fact I'll take some in to work, gradually converting people in my office, got the inspector yesterday, will try the supervisor today.


Mrs Bertie

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