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Egg eating hens getting me down

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Hi all, I really hope you can help. I have tried literally everything.

I have 13 hens in one big house and run and the egg eating has spread through them all. They now lay an egg seemingly just to eat it or loiter behind the others waiting for one to pop out.

I've tried: eggs blown and inserted with mustard, switching to rollaway nest boxes, increasing calcium intake, going outside every five minutes (!!). 

Today, I've lost four eggs.

I have the hens for pleasure but at this moment in time, the extra income from eggs is making a difference. And now I have none to sell. I cannot believe how much this has got me down and made me cry.

Any ideas?

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Fitting Bumpa bits is a good idea @Cat tails and you could also try pot (ceramic) eggs left in various places in the coop @CeeCeeKaye. They have always worked for us, but we haven't had the large scale egg eating habit you have at the moment. Are you giving them a good quality feed because sometimes egg eating can be due to a lack of protein in the diet? I've seen this develop in another flock fed on grain only.

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