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I want to make a cat enclosure . It would need to be attached to the cat flap in my back door. 
I wondered if this could be done using an Eglu Classic run ? 

Has anyone any ideas about how this could be done or has experience of doing it ? 

Any help or ideas would be welcome with photos if available .


Many thanks 


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Yes , I know that,  having been a buyer of the Eglu Classic with run in 2009 when they had just come out  , but thank you for the reminder . 

I went  the whole hog and got a WIR  custom made and installed by the excellent Tony . 
This idea was extremely popular at the time and loads of Omleteers  got them and Tony made loads of money 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐓

I gave up chicken keeping a long while ago but I now have a rescue cat who won’t use the cat flap because he can’t or won’t push it open with his nose . 
So ,  thinking of a catio with some kind of tunnel attached to the cat flap ( with the flap removed ) so he can be his own door butler while we are away .  Our friends would feed him ,  but wouldn’t need to let him in and out , if I could make my idea work . 

Long story short , anyone  else with any ideas ?



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