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Building a new run - advice please

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Everybody's new runs are looking brilliant! You're all ahead of me. My wood isn't arriving until tomorrow.I'm itching to get going.


Two questions - anyone????


1. What is the best way to secure a run into the ground.? I was thinking metposts.


2. I have a semicircular area to put the run on (formerly a lawn - now, sadly, a mudbath). Would the run be strong enough if I made metre-wide panels and then fastened them together in a sort of decagon shape to take advantage of the brick edging, which should make the perimeter fox-proof?


Thanks. Lin :?

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1. Depending on the size of the run your making you may not need to secure to the ground as the weight of it will not be liftable. just put a skirt of paving slabs round to stop foxes burrowing.


2. Mine is made of 2 and 1 meter lengths secured in this way as are most peoples so will be fine, just make sure you pop in some supports, the best way is to have a few across the roof to add stability.

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