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henny penny

marmite on toast

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Mine adore it but it is a once in a blue moon treat. I'm still unsure about letting them have bread/toast as I'm sure I've heard/read/been told that they shouldn't eat dry bread, it should be wet or it can cause problems with their crop. Not much chance of it being dry at the moment tho' - more rain than I know what to do with :?

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Omlet used to recommend (may still do ) that when they arrived to set up your eglu and deliver your girls..........you feed the girls a slice of toast with marmite. I remember doing that for our gilrs and they loved it :D:D:D


They told me that too and my Omlet girls love it. However, I got some more girls from a breeder and they just eyed it suspiciously. I guess the old "Marmite - you either love it or hate it" adage is true for chickens too.

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I was told by a breeder not to give them bread as it can cause crop problems as I was going to give mine marmite on toast as recommended by Omlet.

Instead, I dissolve 1 teaspoon of marmite in boiling hot water each morning and mix it with their layers mash. They love it like this.

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