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We just had the most almighty hailstorm here!

Anyone else get it?

Sounded like a herd of wildebeest running over the conservatory roof! :shock:

Poor hens were cowering under the cube :anxious:


Yes, as I was leaving school with my children :? We were all soaked :? I laughed at the time :roll:

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We had it about half an hour ago - it was Biblical stuff - hail,thunder,blackness.....................

Pretty frightening,actually :?


I think its doing a little tour of the South East - Claret had it before I did (so we can blame her!)


*hands on hips* That's right, blame it on me - it was only sleet when it left here.


Now the sky is bright blue and a weird orangy colour
That'll be the sunset Hon. :lol:
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