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Awake on my own......... again.

I never used to get insomnia until I was 16 and had glandular fever. I didn't sleep at all for 4 days and since then have panicked on and off about getting to sleep.

If I've had a good run of getting to sleep, I'm fine, for months on end. Then..... I have one bad night and panic about getting to sleep again.


I've found that it's better to get up and do stuff than lie awake looking at the ceiling, as I just get more and more tense if I do that.


Any advice from the lovely members of the forum about dropping off to sleep?!

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I can sympathise.


I came to the conclusion at 5am this morning that I wasn't going to be able to drop off to sleep......now I have to face ringing work later to tell them I'm not going in - I hate calling in "sick".


I would have had a two hour drive to an event today as well (I was looking forward to the event, typical) so not wise to be driving myself, bump and colleague on no sleep :(


Ho hum.....

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I posted a thread about my sleep problems a few months ago.

Happily,they are now much more under control 8)


I read,like Egluntine, & I also use a sleep spray from Boots on my pillow,which really does the trick for me.


If you do a search for the thread,it had lots of good advice from other sufferers on there. :D

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I thought I had sleep problems until we had new bedding earlier this month. I'm much more comfortable these days and it's made a big difference! I haven't had any 6am chats with Egluntine for a couple of weeks now!


I hope you manage to find something which suits you.

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I always get up, have a cup of tea and watch tv for a bit (it's so boring in the wee hours you'll be asleep in no time :roll: ). I can't lie in bed tossing & turning - it never works. I then brush my teeth (feels like you're going to bed the first time round) and try again.


Nothing worse than insomnia :evil: . And how is it that it always happens in the middle of the night? I never get insomnia from 6am onwards :roll: .

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This may be a silly suggestion but i find a relaxing bath, clean sheets and nice clean pyjamas always help me have a good nights sleep.


No tv or laptop at least an hour before bed either as otherwise my brain is still ticking over when my head hits the pillow.


If im in bed and i cant sleep i do the counting/thinking in my head method. I wipe all other thoughts from my head and think of "types of flowers from A-Z" ( you could do the same with anything "capital cities" etc) usually in the middle i've drifted off to sleep! :D

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