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Looking to Summer!

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Hi everyone,

Just a few questions about summertime! I know it's a long way off (although we did have it in April last year!) but I'm thinking ahead :lol:

My patio doors lead straight out of the living room onto the patio and I like to have all doors open in the summer. How am I going to keep the girls out? Would a bead curtain work or would they try and eat the beads? I don't think a stairgate would work as I have stable doors at the back and have left the top open only to find Betty on the inside creating merry hell because she can't get out! :roll:

At the moment they keep trying to get into the kitchen because I open the stable door completely to stop the aforementioned ruckus! If I get any slower they will be in before me! Personally I wouldn't mind them in as the floor is easy to clean but we have no door from the kitchen into the rest of the house. Don't think OH would like that at all and I don't want to get them into bad habits.

How do you lot deal with this little problem? Any ideas gratefully listened to.


Lisa :think::)

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Thanks Rob and Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody here,

Have your girls got there wings clipped? Mine aren't and I worry that Betty will get over the trellis, I don't really want to clip them. I can always put her out again..... and again........ and again! She really is the naughty one, always where she shouldn't be! Yesterday she was actually in the grain bin having managed to knock the lid off :shameonu: I really don't think the others would bother to be honest, they come over when the light is on and stand on the sill pecking the window. If you ignore them they go away! I don't mean I leave them out in the dark :eh: Our house is west/east facing so you need the lights on sometimes to read! I'm waffling now aren't I? :oops: Sorry!

Thanks for the ideas, you don't think the bead curtain would work?


Lisa :D

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We made a frame filled with the sort of trellis that is made of twigs, it fits into the gap when the doors are open and is held in place by blocks of woodthat slot around the door frame.


I once left the doors open without it and came downstairs to find 4 chickens exploring the lounge, fortunately they hadn't left me any gifts so they can't have been there very long :lol:

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