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Laying without a day off

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My two never seem to take a day off... we get two eggs every day (except when they eat them, which I know cause the nest box has stickiness in it and the occasionaly bits of shell), but apart from that they have laid every day since we got them over a year ago, all through winter too... I was surprised by that as I expected about 5 to 6 eggs per chicken each week, and time off in winter...

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I often worry about my Violet as she has never taken a day off lay since she started, that's 17 weeks! The other girls have day off once a week or so but she still keeps going. I thought she was taking a break yesterday but still by late afternoon she managed to pop one out!

I often wonder if it does her any harm but she's a happy chook and there's nothing I can do to stop her laying.

Obviously she'll slow down after a while or come to a complete stop but it does amaze me how she keeps going!

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One of my gingernuts, Florrie, is a real star for laying almost non stop! I've just worked out that her longest lay was 59 days without a break between August and October last year. Prior to that she would only have a day off once every 3 weeks :shock: Bless her! She's had a well deserved few days rest over winter but is cranking up to do the same again this year :? It's no wonder they wear themselves out is it? :(

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