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Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum.

All being well I am going to adopt 5 x-bats in the next month.

I was going to buy the Eglu cube for my new girls - however, reading through the forum some general comments have been posted i.e. the roof leaking and the inside of the nesting box being sodden, the door becoming stuck with difficulty opening and lastly the wooden perches breaking.


The cube is very expensive. Even with the problems do you still think that it is worth it? Thanks :roll:(cube orange)

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I love the cubes ... they are so easy to clean out and the girls have lots of room. I bought a cube in October and have experienced none of the problems that I have heard about. I bought a second hand cube yesterday and was a little concerned to see a puddle of water inside the cube before I dismantled it at the previous owners. However, when I put it together today, I adjusted the metal fastening and that seems to have tightened the whole thing up a lot.


Obviously we haven't had a full downpour yet but i will keep you posted.

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I fixed my roosting bars now with screws. Took a while to get all the right tools in the right place then took 10 mins to get solid bars at last.


We also have trouble opening the door - it sticks about once every couple of months for no idetifiable reason.


I still like the cube though and so do my girls.

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It was my OH that posted about the cube roof leaking


There are a couple of probs with it, the roof and the door not being big enough but overall we love it and so do our girls


We also have an eglu and have done a fair bit of chicken sitting and when we have visiting hens they all make a bee line for the cube and go and explore around it


The cube is fab and you and your new girls will love it

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I have had no problems whatsoever with my Cube: it's dry and the door opens easily.


I am however a bit wary about the roosting bars, and if I had the energy I would buy a second set (which makes cleaning so much easier), screw them together, then wash and screw together the existing set.


Being lazy, I rub them without taking them out. It's taking them in and out and cleaning them that puts them under stress.


I would, however, have been wary about putting the Cube together by myself: I had two surrogate chickens, as it were, from Omlet to ensure I didn't have to do it. But other people are brave and seem to have managed it quite easily.

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I put the cube together with help from only a 5 year old.


It was easy.


But then again I also built a run last summer and changed some locks last week which is easier than you would think.

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