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Can I use a Rablu for chickens????

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I know everyone says that there is no such thing as a stupid question on this forum so here goes.....I need a second eglu house to go in the new permanent run I'm building at the moment (for more chickens naturally). :wink:


Question is - does it have to be an Eglu? Can chickens go in a Rablu if I put in roosting bars? I know the floor layout is different, but is it unreasonable? Rablus always seem to be cheaper on ebay than Eglus.


I know......I'm a cheapskate!!! :lol:

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A rablu has no nesting box or slide-out poo tray either - check out the conversion kit photos in the shop:






I imagine you could use one at a pinch, at least as a temporary measure, but unless your secondhand rablu was a good seventy-quid-plus-shipping less than an eglu, I reckon you're better off buying an eglu from the get-go.

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Thanks guys. That is really helpful. I didn't realise that the Rablu didn't have a slide out tray. I guess that is why it is cheaper to buy second hand.


Another Eglu it is then! I rang Omlet and they said a new one was £260 including delivery (without the run), so it may be easier than ebay in the long run (no pun intended)! :lol:

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