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chicken buying guide

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sorry if this has been posted before but I came acorss this today and thought it was really handy



Of couse some stores like Asda have avoided answering most of the questions i.e stocking densities, and flowered up a lot of their answers. But otherwise its usefull way of knowing what each one does. I shop at asda, something Im gradually trying phase out as my cooking is improving and Im able to spend more on produce and make it go further. Im really happy to read about the Elmwood chicken at co-op as I have a little co-op near me, so I know I can buy that at only a fraction higher cost than I was paying at Asda and feel a lot better about it.

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I try to buy all our meat from a farmers' market - that way I can visit the farms or talk to the producers about things like stocking densities and routine medication. They are always very happy for you to visit their farms.


...and as for the meat I buy from Lesley; well, I've seen it running around the paddocks, so know that it was happy meat in the true sense of the word. In fact, it's so happy that it's hysterical! :lol:


Try the freerange review website for details of farmer's markets near to you.

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