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Size of Araucana?

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Hi all,


Quick question, are Araucanas a similar size to Appenzellers? I.e. Virtually bantam size?! I've found a guy in a local paper with Araucanas for sale and was thinking about getting one/two for my sister to go with her Appenzeller and Fayoumi.



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Sorry to pester, but was wondering if anyone could give me an answer asap please :oops: as I need to know whether to reserve them or not...


Or does anyone have a photo of an Araucana up against other Hybrid hens or bantam hens so I can gauge the size of them for myself? :)


Any advice would be much appreciated 8)

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Thanks - that percentage filling of an eglu tip is very helpful :D Think it would probably be about the same size as an Appenzeller then, perhaps just a bit bigger. But 2 Araucanas, 1 Appenzeller and perhaps a Leghorn or a Hamburg should all fit quite easily into an Eglu with run and extension by the sounds of it. Thanks all :)

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Here you go this should help. I have just poped and and taken some pics of mine. (any excuse :( )


Here she is with my Columbine directly above her. She is my second largest hybrid after my massive bluebelle.


And here she is with the White star under her and the Maran coming out of the cube.



This should give you a good size comparison against other chooks.

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