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cold weather - do I need to keep chooks warm?

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This may sound a silly question, but do I need to do anything to keep my chooks warm? I have an Eglu with just two hens. When we let them out in the morning they are always huddled together. Today it was particularly cold and they didn't want to come out of the Eglu into the run. I popped home during the day and found them huddled together in the Eglu again. Should I put something in the Eglu to keep them warm in there? Their feathers feel cold in the mornings. The Eglu is in a sheltered area next to a wall and I intend to cover it with a shower curtain or something tomorrow anticipating snow here. Any advice would be great, thanks!


(green eglu)

GNR Doris (welsummer)

PP Dora (wyandotte)

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Definately not a silly question :D


Your eglu sounds like it is in just the right place :D


They do tend to snuggle up together, and the shower curtain is a good idea, as it will keep them dry too. Some people put an old blanket or duvet over the eglu to keep them warm at night.


A bowl of warm porridge also goes down well, and makes us feel better if they go to sleep with a warm meal in their tum :wink:


Karen x

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now im a worrier when it comes to my chooks :oops: I used to cover my eglus in duvets :oops: i have now realised these chooks are so fluffy and feathery that they dont need my help!


My lot always huddle together, and they have warm porridge on cold days with a sprinkling of raisins! :roll:

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Found these facts re chickens on 'tinterweb


Their body temperature is between 39.8 °C and 43.6 °C.




Chickens tolerate sharp coldness better than temperatures over 28 °C,



I never cover my Eglus, nor do I close the doors other than in the severest weather.

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Not a silly question!


Chickens are pretty hardy and all snuggle up together to keep warm, just before I go to bed I always go out and check on them and love feeling their feet because they are so toasty!


When it goes below freezing, I do put a couple of hot water bottles in under the straw although I really dont think I need to, I just worry too much!!


Hope that helps :)

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I just keep an eye on the BBC weather page and close the eglu door at night if the forecast is for subzero temperatures - my garden is small and sheltered, so I don't reckon they need anything more than that.


Luckily it never gets really cold here in East Anglia - not like Bristol in the winter of 1982 (back when I was a student), when temperatures briefly dipped to -18C :shock:

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