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breeding call ducks

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I don't know. The books I've got say that you should separate a bird that's sitting on eggs (whether it's a duck or a hen) but they also seem to assume that you've got a small flock - so that none of the other birds would be lonely. But if you've only got the two birds I would just see how it goes. If she seems annoyed at his presence, or he's bothering her, then keep them apart but still able to see each other.


Hope that helps.

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How long do the eggs take to hatch and could he live happily once the babys are older with them.Also could he live with the boy babys so male and female cant mate again.Sorry for all the questions just rather get advice from people that know what there doing. :D

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We had to keep the drake separate until the ducklings were quite old - which was a bit of a pain :roll:


The problem you would have with keeping the boys is that you would then have two or more drakes all wanting to mate with the duck as soon as they are old enough :?


Our first hatching produced three boys - they all eventually went in the freezer.........last year the duck hatched one girl.

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