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New kitten

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My new kitten has just been born.

Yes,he is brand new!


Kittens are hard to come by around here at the moment,so I have had my name down for one of these for a couple of weeks.


He is half Bengal & half moggy,& is apparantly cream with brown spots & white feet.


He is provisionly called Oliver, & I am going to see him at the end of the month,then he will be mine in 8 weeks :P


I am so happy to be getting a cat again :P:P:P

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:D Ah that's lovely Sarah - I bet he'll be a right character. One of my cats - George - is half British Blue and half silver tabby persian - he's turned out beige with faint ginger stripes. He is like a dog, so vocal and I think he's in love with me - he just stares adoringly at me all the time (must have a screw loose!).


Bet you can't wait to have him but it will be a nice time beginning of May to start off with him.




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I just love cats and kittens ... make the most of your kitty whilst he's still small. I remember when I could pick BOTH my two up in one hand - they were so small and light .... now I'm risking a hernia picking Esti up :roll:


YOur kitty sounds just adorable - remember to post some piccies asap :D

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The little boy will get the snip right away,but we will let the girl have a litter I think.

We had a littler from our last cat & it was wonderful.

The kids watched the kittens being born,& helped rear them too,so we are keen to do it again.

And there will be no shortage of homes for them - kittens are few & far between around here :?

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