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My first egg arrived on Friday - after 11 1/2 weeks of waiting "patiently"! I literally gasped when I opened the nesting box...and I'm not sure what the chicken dance is but my spirit was definitely doing it! We now have 3 ( only Pumpkin is laying so far) and have got to divide them between 6 of us tonight.... to those who are also waiting, Pumpkin began crouching only about 5-6 days before she first laid, and it's sooo exciting to see the first one I promnise it's worth it. Now if only Ruby would get a move on.... :D

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I'm sure it will continue - and once Ruby starts it will get even more thrilling! My partner is hugley amused by how much I love my chickens, but I am unashamed in my affection for them - have only had them 2 and a half months but they feel part of the family :)

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