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Help going out of my mind

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Hello l broght 2 new hens about 5 weeks ago and slowly put them together but have noticed that there really bullying them now.They seem scared to eat and one now has blood on her head.I have seperated them is morning but really want to get them living happyly together some one said put vicks vapo rub on the new ones as this they hate the smell of.I freerange them but they stay away from each other in the garden the problem starts when there all in together.My friend said about pecking blocks which may help but l cant see it stoping them completly.Any help please dont know what else to try has any one tryed the vicks vapo rub ? :oops:

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Have you thought about bumper bits? One of our girls badly pecked the other when we first got them and the bumper bit really put a stop to that.


We have friends who introduced new girls and had the same problem as you, bullying the other girls. They fitted bumper bits too and whilst the bulyying didn't stop immediately (it is natural for the to establish a pecking order) they caused less damage and it gave the new girls a chance to fight back.


I think as long as they are eating and if you are free ranging they get a break from the bullies it shoudl settle down soon

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i'm also a bit anxious atm... my new bantams are getting bullied so much that i put nesting boxes up high and perches so they can escape... its horrible isnt it? ..and they are so small, and sweet and i wonder now if they will ever get on!




ooooooo pinching yout idea for purches lol the ppl who used to live here were teachers and i swear they had a fettish for those brackets as they had more then any shop could provide lol

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