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Is there such thing as a cheap flight?

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I am trying to book flights to Menorca for this July & in my ignorance thought I would be able to get cheap flights with EasyJet or someone similar.


But,its still going to cost about £900 for the 4 of us,return,which is much more than I thought.

It would have been £700 last week,but the prices have just gone up :roll:


Any tips for getting a cheap flight?

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Sounds silly - but try BA. Sometimes as they need to fill the seats they actually work out cheaper than easyjet etc.


Same as everyone else said - book early, and try not to travel at peak times, e.g. mid morning. The more unsociable the time to get you to the airport - the cheaper the flight normally is!


Good luck

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You could try booking with different airlines for getting there and back as sometimes people who book an oubound flight may not be coming back on the same day as you and vice versa. The airline will still want to sell the seats though.


We have used Monarch, First choice, Thomson and Jet2.com flying to and from Portugal.


If you haven't already booked your accomodation it is usually cheaper to fly on a random day like a Tuesday if flights are available, rather than a more popular weekend flight. Good luck :D

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I work for an airline.


The key is to book early , sadly Sarah you're too late for a cheap flight in July :( We released our summer 2008 schedule in November, so most people would have snapped up all the cheap seats before christmas.


Try being flexible on your dates, avoid flying on peak days if you can (fri/sat/sun) which i know isnt going to be easy if you want it to tie up with your accommodation :roll:


Also if you are flexible on your airport try a "regional" airport rather than Heathrow/Gatwick.


Hope you find something that doesnt break the bank :)

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When we want a cheeap flight, we fly from Coventry & get our flights from thomsonfly.com - we get real real bargains! Try it - obviously remember to tick return flights & then select which one you want to come back on. You should get a bargain!




I often book Coventry flights for work - they all moan at me, but it's so cheap because no-one wants to fly from there. TBH, I couldn't care less what the airport is like.

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