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wireless router or home hub? it's tooo complicated

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Hubby wants an internet radio and to have this we need to upgrade to wireless broadband. I am a total techno numptie and hubby is struggling.


We have a bt voyager 220v router at the moment and there is a voyager wireless router the 2110, then bt are including a home hub with their broadband new customer sign ups at the moment does that mean that they are better?


They seem to be a similar price about £90


Help please.

And any other tips on going wireless from you lovely experts :D

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We have the option of using a phone, is it a normal touchtone phone that can be used for either normal calls or internet calls or a dedicated internet phone?


We have never used a phone with our original router and if we buy the wireless router we will lose the facility but if we get the hub we won't how useful is it?


Sorry to ask so many questions. I've spent all day reading stuff I don't understand :oops:

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I have the 2110 wireless router - I think it predates the home hub thingy they do now. It has 4 sockets for 'wired' things going into it (which I don't use) and works just fine wireless for the laptop. They did recently send me a wired voice router (I didn't ask for it and don't want it/ won't use it!!) which you could use for internet calls. I think this was when they convinced me to renew my broadband subscription - the hassle it was to get it going when I moved in means I am wary of changing to another cheaper provider.


So I now have the original wired router from when I got broadband originaly, the wireless router that I bought and the pristine wired voice router still in its box - the joys of modern technology.


Both my sister and my parents use the home hub without any problems/ issues

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Just a thought but if you have a contract mobile phone with Orange, they give you a Livebox, I pay just £5 per month, unlimited 8mb speed internet, and I can make free calls with it at all times, with a normal phone plugged in.


It works really well, it has two laptops, a desktop, a Wii all connected wirelessly and is so far reliable :D


It's a hassle trying to figure it all out tho, I'll grant you that.




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