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My Guinea pig cage is in the chicken run and they all seem to get on okay. Are chickens okay with hay - sometimes a bit falls out of the GPs cage? I've seen photos on the forum with peoples chickens sitting on hay, so I presume it is. I just remember reading about grass cuttings/impacted crop and wondered if the same could be caused by hay.



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I put straw in the nest bos, then read somewhere about using torn paper - so I used that Saturday and the girls voted for straw - newspaper all draged out into the run.


I had only just removed all te newspaper and replace with straw to find the run filled with paper again - this time they had pulled at the front of the newspaper lining the poo tray and filled to run with full sheets of newspaper - I think I have got the message - they cannot eat straw and it is more difficult for them to move that paper.


I would certainly avoid hay - but like you guinea pigs and a mess daughter looking after means there always seems to be some straw in the gardeb.



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