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I am feeling horrid.

I've had a cold for 4 weeks that I just cannot shake off,so I went to the Doctors today

I have a sinus & chest infection & have been told to take it easy until I am better.

Booooo....I wanted to go chicken shopping tomorrow :cry:


Tea & sympathy please :P

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wrap up warm and go chicken shopping - what does the doctor know? - it won't kill you...




this post should not be taken as medical advice. Any death or serious injury resulting from anything written here and perceived as "advice" is not the responsibilty of the poster and any legal claim will be treated as null and void - just so we're clear! - so there.print>

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Can't Phil - keep feeling all dizzy & odd.

I would probably come back with a turkey :?


Oh dear :shock: Keep warm, get P P and have a read and look forward to getting your chickens they won't fly away you know :wink: and it'll be even more exciting. Have some echinachea to pep you up (or poultry spice :? )





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YUK! You poor thing, similarly having been soldiering on, I ended up in hospital with a chest infection and a temperature that made them think I had meningitis this weekend! But lots of drugs later, I'm back at work today and feel sort of ok, if a little light headed. So chicken shopping is not too many days away if you're good and stay wrapped up warm.

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Sympathy from me too Sarah. Poor you, it's really frustrating when you just can't get on with life isn't it. You might find your doc's advice is right and will give your body chance to fight this thing!


I do agree with Buffie about the echinacea - I swear by it.


Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks Mel,I am feeling a little perkier.

The antibiotics have kicked in I guess, & I am unbunging as I type!


Chicken shopping is now planned for the weekend.........& Hubby is feeling so sorry for me that I have managed to talk him into 4 new hens,plus 2 kittens (when they are ready in 7 weeks :P )


I am spending today languishing around & thinking up names for all the new pets!


Funny,just 3 weeks ago all we had was one dog.

Now we have 6 hens (soon),a hamster,2 kittens on the way...and the dog.

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Making the most of the sympathy vote huh Sarah. I am with you there every time.


Our OH's fall for it every time. :roll::twisted:


Four chickens and kittens - you really must have been poorly to hit the jackpot there.


Now that the antibiotics have kicked in you will be skipping around like anything tomorrow - but do try to look a little bit wane or you may find you only get 2 chickens.!


So glad that you are feeling perkier - nice for the weekend

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