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I have edited this as I found out thanks to Clare that you have to register from James's link here - and I registered directly onto the site - doh!


I have re-registered from here now - all sorted

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hi - hope their site is good as the uks, but did omlet keep it really quite or have i just not been reading the posts very well over the last few days :?


i've had a few nights off reading up on chickens, so i suppose i might have missed a big post about it - anyway i think the americans might need a bit of encouragement to start off with - it appears there's more british on it, than anyone else - is suppose we're all just too addicted :lol::lol:

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:D I have just made my first post on the US site :D


I will not make a habit of this, I spend too much time sat here as it is :roll:


My avatar is different for two reasons.... first, the avatar I use here had too many bytes (or something like that :? ) and I didn't know if I could shrink it. Second with two different avatars I will know which side of the Atlantic I am :lol: My US avatar is little chicks feeding :D8)

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