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1st daisy egg

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We had our first Daisy egg today, I am feeling guilty about not being excited!! But today has been overshadowed by Tilly being unwell again, and this evening it is only just sinking in that she is laying!


We havent had an egg now for ages, I think the first week in Jan (before they were all unwell), so I should be jumping for joy!!


The egg is not quiet white, but very pale! And I must weigh it tomorrow!!


Well done Daisy!!

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Well done Daisy (great name :D )


I'm quite new to the site, but I have read most of your message about your girls on the 'chicken clinic' board, it was very sad to hear that you'd lost all but one :cry:


Really sorry to hear that Tilly is unwell again. Is it the same symptoms as before?

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Thanks everyone!

DFT did say that they had eggs from the Sussex Rangers so it wouldn't be long! She is very big! So I didn't expect to wait too long!

I havent checked this morning yet!


Re: Tilly, I am not sure if it was the same symptoms as last time (well she was lathargic and went off her food, but last time other things followed quickly e.g. unable to stand, wings floppping etc., but didn't yesterday (if that makes sense), but it just sent alarm bells ringing and panic set in (it was such a traumatic experience that I never want to repeat)

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