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New run is finished at last. Yippee!

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Yesterday, we finished "El Palacio de las Gallinas". So the girls can now run about at will! :) We're just keeping the Omlet run in there at present, to shut them in at night, whilst we ensure it is totally fox-proof.


It's gone from this....



to this.....



and this....



Really pleased. :D:D:D

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Thanks to everyone for the compliments.


ANH - The tree trunk feature was a tree when we moved in, but it was obviously on it's last legs so we got the tree surgeons to cut it back just in case it could be revived. Obviously it was too late and it became a stump which my daughter hung her hammock on pre-chickens! We've had to cut it back further to fit in the run. Might make a chicken ladder so the girls can sit in it.


Peanut12 - You caught me out. :oops: Had to get another one as I have more girls on order. Well you can't build a lovely big run and then not fill it, can you? :wink:

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Fab run. I love that it's curved, very nice design. Well done to whoever built it. :)




That would be me. :oops: I've amazed myself (and my OH) with my carpentry skills and ideas. The curved design was to take advantage of a semi-circular cemented brick edging to what was the lawn (long destroyed by my lovely girls). I thought this would make it more fox-proof, which hopefully it has, but it made building the thing waaaaaaaaaaaay more difficult. :lol:


Thank yous to Laura & CTB, Egluntine and Poet.


Good luck with the build Scooby.


All in all it's cost me about £250 for the materials, so I'm quited chuffed. :D

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