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Cold sore remedies

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I always get Zovirax for Dan, but last week I went into Asda and they had exactly the same thing in their own brand for less than half the price.


I checked the ingredients on both boxes and they were the same so I bought the cheaper one

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It's right on the corner of his mouth - would you get impetigo there? ES had that years ago and it was like a crater forming on his cheek :shock: . He does have a couple of spots on his chin too - he's never had a spot before so I think they're related.


I'll try to get Zovirax - thanks for the advice :) .


Just that one of my liitl'uns had the same symptoms and I didn't know what was best to use so showed the GP. He said it was actually impetigo, prescribed antibiotics and it cleared up never to return! Impetigo is basically a strep skin infection so can appear anywhere, especially if there has been an area of broken skin. Worth considering if the zovirax doesn't shift it. :D

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