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Our Daisy's Awake !!

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Daisy our tortoise is out of Hibernation - the mild weather the last few days has woken her up.


I took her out of her box and she stuck her little head out and opened an eye......have checked her weight and she has lost 70g :shock: (in previous years she has only lost 30g during a full hibernation)


She's now in her big indoor tray in the south facing lounge window, having had a warm bath. Will get her some of her favourite lettuce tomorrow and go on a dandelion hunt :D:D:D


I was planning to build her new outside house before she woke up ........... better get a move on with that although, she'll be indoors for a good few weeks as I expect we are still due a cold spell :roll:


Anyone else's tortoises up early :?::?: Saw on breakfast tv the other day, that a tortoise rescue centre, out of 200 torties, 50 had woken up early this year, when normally it's only 2 or 3 :shock::shock:

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Well she's spent the day sunning herself in the lounge window :D:D and has had a little nibble of some lettuce and a dandelion :D:D She's looking OK (as far as you an tell with a tortie :roll: ) Another little bath for her later and then I'll tuck her up for the night :D:D


We've had Daisy since she was a hatchling (10 years ago). The neighbour of a friend of my Dad had had torties for 30+ years and everyyear she got about 10 eggs with a sucess rate of 6-7 hatchlings. We were on her waiting list for 3 years before we got Daisy. Daisy has a tortie passport and Government Documentation (there is a Govt. dept in Bristol that issues Tortie Passports :D )as she comes under the CITIES agreement (Convention in Trade in Endangered Species).

We did have Malcolm as well but he is now living with my friends as we had asked for 2 girls and after a few years it became apparent that we had a boy and girl. It is not recommended that you keep them together and it wasn't fair on them to have to alternate the days they could roam around the garden. Malcolm is enjoying life in a big garden and is spoilt rotten as he's allowed free range of the veg garden :D:D:D

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