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Sweeney Todd

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Have just come home from the Cinema having been to see Sweeney Todd, with my daughter.


It was absolutely fantastic. Very gory..... definitely not for the faint hearted. :lol:


All the main actors were superb, Johnny Depp of course, never disappoints, Helena Bonham Carter, who usually doesn't impress me, was amazing, and Alan Rickman was, well.....Alan Rickman, perfect for the role.


The whole thing very much had a Tim Burton feel to it. I loved it.


There was a short showy role for Sacha Baron Cohen too. Very funny as you would expect. Disconcertingly tight trousers in one scene though. :?


Go and see it if you can.

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We went to see it and loved it, but it is a love or hate film. As my tattooist was saying some of his friends when and by the end of the film 2/3 of the audience had walked out!


I dont do gorey films as Im very jumpy and have an over active imagination and get nightmares for weeks. However its silly gore, the blood is pink and spraying everywhere in a thetrical way, so not really hard on teh stomach.


I thought Depps singing was excellent, he was very much like David Essex.

All round great film.

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I loved it, but had to watch with hand over face for the last part, as I don't do gore, however the friends I was with said it was really cartoon-like and theatrical, so not that scary.


It's very Tim Burton, isn't it! Johnny Depp is just gorgeous. I actually thought his singing was not bad - given that he's not primarily a singer - but there were clearly some people in the cinema when I went who had not realised that it was a musical. The publicity for the film has very deliberately avoided this!


I'd seen it on stage, and loved it - I'm disappointed they missed the chorus out of this ('This is the tale of Sweeney Todd ...') and a couple of other songs were missing. Even if you don't like Sondheim though, it's worth it just to gaze on gorgeous Johnny :wink::drool:

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there were clearly some people in the cinema when I went who had not realised that it was a musical.

I was surprised when they burst into song :lol:......I hadn't cottoned on, although I have seen the musical and about 10 years ago my daughter had a role in a children's production of it!

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