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Eglu and Eglu Run- Badger safe?

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I imagine that they could.....they do dig deep setts, and they are large animals and very powerful , so it wouldn't take long.


I don't think the fact that the run is weighed down with boulders would stop them.


Looks like a trip to B&Q is on the cards! :lol:


Paving slabs make hosing the run down very easy.

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I think, as far as Omlet say, that the eglu and run are fox and badger resistant.


It would take a badger a while to dig under the skirt and into the run. I doubt they would be able to do it in one night.


I have slabbed the area that my eglus sit on and it is really working well. Safe and easy to clean. :D


All the best

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It is very very rare for a badger to kill a chicken. If chickens are locked in a secure coop at night, they will be safe from foxes, dogs, badgers and poachers. Sometimes, a badger will kill a slow-footed chicken - especially if the badger can gain access to the coop (for example by you leaving a door open or ajar, or by having too flimsy a stockade). On other occasions, badgers will "mug" other animals for carcasses. For example, stealing a chicken from a fox or a dog would be seen as fair game to a badger. Otherwise, chicken are normally safe in their coop at night.

However, you need to safeguard your own poultry, by keeping sheds very secure. This means checking that floors, walls and doors are made from substantial thicknesses of wood; and that the wood remains in good condition (and not rotted away from the effects of dung and urine).

As an adult badger can move a 25kg stone to get at food underneath it, you need to make sure that doors are strong and rigid; and inspected regularly to check for rot and weakness.

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Thanks very much for the info


Apparently spotted very early in the morning around 5am.

I guess they are quite solitary and shy but these were happy scuttling along


I've also heard of the badgers(full determination ahead) digging up

patios according to a local farmer :shock::shock:


Just hope the blackbirds and our girls chomp the grubs and worms regularly!

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