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New chickens!

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Hi all,


As some of you may remember, I had to rehome my bluebelle and Silkie cross back in early January due to moving to a place with basically no garden - unfortunately (or luckily in a way as I can get chickens again :lol: ) it fell through at the last minute. And we have decided that when we move again it will be to a place with a garden at least the same size as we have now.


So on a couple of days off last week I sorted out the run with Hemcore and gave eglu a good clean, and then went chicken shopping and came back with 5 little(ish) ones who are already happily pootling around in my small garden all the time :)


1 gold Silkie named Helga

1 black Silkie named Olga

1 partridge Pekin named Fina

1 white crested Poland named Phoenix

1 Appenzeller - unsure of official name yet! My fiancee can't make up her mind :roll: - at the moment she is referred to as Spotty Dotty.


Only useable pic I have at the moment is below:



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Thanks everyone, it's nice to have chooks wandering around the garden again! :) I can't believe how easy they have been, I picked them all up and brought them home (about 2 hour drive) in a big box, and then put them straight to bed in the eglu - and there has not been any pecking at all to sort out the hierarchy. :shock: They have all just accepted that Phoenix (the Poland) is the boss of them all (she is about 1 year old whereas rest are point of lay) and just do whatever she says :lol:


They also just wander around in a group of 5, literally. They do everything together! Nice to see such a cosy little group of friends from day 1.


I'd love to have a large garden as a requirement so I could get a cube as well, but we want to move back to Bath and the house prices are ridiculous! And we also have a wedding to save up for in July 09 - but I will do my best as chickens are such 8) pets

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