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Can I freeze raw pumpkin?

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I have had a large pumpkin in the house since Hallowe'en and kept meaning to use it to make pumpkin pie. I have just noticed a clear spot on it so will have to do something with it so it doesn't go to waste (99p or no 99p :wink: ). I have frozen cooked pumpkin pie filling before, but can I freeze raw diced pumpkin? I suppose it will go mushy, but it will when I cook it too!


Anyone any ideas :?

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I've frozen it cubed and then defrosted it and used it for soup - it was fine.


I wouldn't use it for anything else though.


Thanks for your replies.


Hmm, if it was OK for soup I may try it as by the time I've made it into sweet pie filling it will become pretty much soup like anyway :lol: Once it is diced and frozen I could always make a soup too :wink:

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