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New Magpie and Silver Nick - what are they like?

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Hi all,

I went to Thorne's today to see their new delivery of hybrids and came away with a Magpie and a Silver Nick. :D (Photos to follow - they spent all afternoon in hiding, only coming out once it was too dark to take decent pics!) Not quite the bluebelle/speckeldy and columbine I was intending on obtaining but that's what happens when you take your four-year-old daughter chicken-shopping! :roll:


Does anyone else have these and what are they like?


PS Obviously I want to hear that they are your favourite of all your birds and how wonderful they are!! :wink:

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Mine looks exactly like your Falcon, Karen (except obviously she's not as mature). They had lots of others with darker bodies and the guy at Thorne's said that the colouring on mine had gone a bit wrong but she was the one that caught my eye. I will take pics when they venture out of their temporary accomodation (an old rabbit hutch!). They've not been out much, the Silver nick hardly at all. Hope they're ok in there.

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Are magpies a hybrid? if so what with I've never heard of one before apart from woodstock :lol: , though the beaks look a bit hawk like bit scarey but I guess as long as they have fab temperments then it doesn't matter. :D


Congrats on you beau new girls! I'm sure you will love every moment with them even the ones when you might be pulling your hair out :lol: pets do that to you :D

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