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The Dogmother

Death by cubicle

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OMG I have worked in a building that is cubicles at its very worst. The very wide floors had corridors going down between the partions and branching off them cubicles of 4 desks. People had rear view mirrors glued to the tops of their monitors as anyone wandering into the cubicle came from behind them. (These were freely available being part of the companies "product").


I once phoned a friend who workd upstairs and asked him to pick up something from another department and pass it to me when we went for a smoke. He said he didn't know where that department was - why had I asked him? Because looking at the map of that floor the person who had the thing I wanted to collect was in the cube behind his - he had no idea because that cube was off a different "corridor"


Our office wasn't in a cube but of course it was in the middle of the building so we couldn't see daylight and if we hadn't regularly gone off for a smoke break we wouldn't have had any idea what the weather was like outside.


It was a truly horrible building to work in yet the site was huge and had nature walks and all sorts in the grounds - also the most amazing canteen!

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Arrgghh. I have a Dilbert daily calendar thing with a cartoon for each day, about cubicle life.


The office I work in during my enforced two day stint in London is open plan, not cubicles but everyone with their designated space.


I work with a lot of lovely young people, all who individualise their space with photos of children, partners etc.


My bit has pictures of ....



my chickens!


Needless to say I am regarded as somewhat eccentric. I can't understand why.

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I am too then Richard.. I work in a lovely Victorian Gothic building just 500 yards from Banbury Cross, I have a lovely big office with 3 windows and photos of Rosie, Phil and I, and loads of photos and calendars of chickens. My building is staffed by 98% men and they all think I'm mad as a hatter; you really have to be on your toes with that lot!

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