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Limping chickens

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I thought I had better post our findings about our lame ladies. Thank you everyone for all of the help and suggestions you gave. Here is the shocker!!! --- calcium deficiency!! Here are the details:


I was very suspicious of injury as to the cause of the lamness because both chickens became lame on the same day - very unlikely to both be hurt on the same day. Anyway, eventually one of the girls became so weak that she couldn't stand up. We only treated her for this 10 days before (vet gave Baytril thinking she had an infection in her joints). I didn't think it could be an infection again so soon so I rang another vet and she diagnosed a calcium deficiency.


This is really, really weird as neither chicks have laid a soft shelled egg so I thought they were getting enough grit from their run. However, the vet said that even if their eggs are alright they may be using their own calcium stores for their egg production.


We have now really boosted their grit intake - we have used bird grit with oyster shell for calcium and touch wood, things are improving. The very weak chicken ate a mound of grit straight away and slowly over 2/3 days she got stronger and eventually started standing and then walking around. She is nearly back to health now and only has a trace of a limp left (the other one's limp has completely gone).


Thought I should let everyone know as I really didn't realise that although there is no problem in their egg production they may still not be getting enough grit/calcium and it could be affecting their health.

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I am always banging on about Limestone Flour as other Omleteers will confirm....get some from an equestrian supplier or Ebay and stir a scoopful into their pellets.


My vet told me that it is easy to get calcium into a hen via pellets and Poultry Grit....but it is not always easy to get calcium from the hen into the bloodstream.


She suggested Limestone Flour as it is pure calcium carbonate and very easily absorbed.


Forming shells and pushing eggs out require calcium, and if they don't get enough, they leech it out of their bones and can end up with fractures.


I mentioned this somewhere only yesterday!! :lol:


I am glad you have found out what is ailing your girls......and that it is nothing sinister.

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