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Lindy Loo

Homemade Easter Gifts - Any ideas?

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Hubby has just exclaimed in ashtonishment at the thought of Easter presents for teachers.

We are really cash strapped at the moment- the building work has gone a week over budget, & so we have to make some claw-back.

No presents for teachers then in our house, sorry. Not even hens eggs- we need all we can to bake with.

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you could make up a dry cake mix in a jar - flour, sugar cocoa - so all the teacher has to do is add eggs & butter. Can look lovely if ingredients are layered! Decorate jar & put a circle of fabric over the lid, secure with free pink elastic band off your postman! :wink:




What a fab idea! I'll pinch that if you don't mind, not for the teachers necessarily but a really great easy pressie!


Mrs Bertie

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A thank you for Easter would be all I would have liked from the kids/parents in my class. After two parent consulatation evenings full of moaning and silly niggles a thank you would have been lovely.


Example of silly moans; we come from a non church family and our son tells us he believes in God??????????????????

The blue paint won't wash out of our son's sweatshirt!

The reading books haven't been changed for over a month! (School policy is that unless reading records have been signed by the parent then they won't be changed!)

Why are you putting our daughter through tests, she's too young. (Head told us we had to do NFER maths testing before Easter!)

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