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Box for Carrying Hens?

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I have collected my three batches in my cat carriers - I have one large one and one smaller one, the open wire style. Two chooks fitted in each, and travelled for about 40 minutes quite happily in them. If you ensure they are in the dark but ventilated they settle down for the journey and it is less stressful for them.

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I've always used a cat carrier (no more than two birds at a time) - it's the enclosed plastic sort with a wire door at one end, and they've been fine. Just put some newspaper in the bottom to absorb any poos, and you're sorted!


I've never travelled more than about an hour to fetch chooks, though - for a longer trip, a larger cage with a water bowl would seem sensible.

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Many thanks for all the info everyone. Really helpful. :):)


We've got a cat carrier that's enclosed with grill at one end. We've also got a new branch of Pets at Home opened up in the last few months so between the two should manage them nicely :)


We're getting increasingly excited regarding the impending arrivals. Driving our friends potty with clucking on about it!! Seeing everyone else's new arrivals is challenging!! We can't wait!!! :drool::drool:


Already have at least two sets of friends who want to hen sit during holidays. Might have to start a rota!! :wink:

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