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Jane 20

Chickens taking over my life...

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I have posted a couple of messages but just wanted to say hello. I have been reading the forum for ages - ever since we got our two in June,

We are slowly (well not that slowly really) becoming ever so slightly obsessed and can see friends' eyes glaze over when we describe another amusing antic .....they like the eggs tho'.


We are now building a walk in run (after looking at all the fantastic examples here) as we want more chooks, and we nearly lost one to Mr Fox while free ranging so only let them out when we are around now,- she was sewn back together by a rather bemused vet and is now fighting fit again!.

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Hi Jane, a belated welcome to the forum :) .


People at my work are divided into two camps - those who ask about the chickens regularly and are genuinely delighted when I take eggs in (partly why I'm getting a 4th girl so I can give more away :roll: ) - and those who, as you say, glaze over and responded with a puzzled "why?" when I said I was getting chickens.


Takes all sorts (but I know which I prefer :wink: .)

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Hi Jane 20,


Welcome to the forum.


I'm beginning to get the same glazed looks from friends too, however they love getting the eggs :) how surprising! I also get laught at by various farming folk around here who have flocks of 20 + birds - At our local tonight, one of them asked how 'the poultry farmer' (meaning me!) was tonight - how I wished I'd used that name as my ID name when I 1st got my chooks and joined this forum!


I was sorry to read about Mr Fox getting one of your girls, but relieved that she's lived to tell the tale!

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Hi Jane, and welcome!


I have to admit I'm a bit chicken-obsessed at the moment - I have all-round spring fever, so I think of little apart from seedlings and new hens :oops:


I don't volunteer information to my colleagues at work unless they ask (or I know they keep chickens themselves - there are one or two, though I don't see them on a regular basis). However I did once conclude a powerpoint presentation with a photo of my first two girls - my excuse was that my post was funded by the chicken genome project :lol:

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