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Stopped laying

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Bought a new chicken (Amberlink) to go with my other girls 3 weeks ago and she was already happily laying. Now nothing for the past week. We have not changed their diet or anything else and only give treats at weekends.


Could it be that she is just getting used to her new surroundings and has stopped due to the change in coop.

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All birds recently vacinated and wormed. They do free range but due to the time of year can see most things in our garden.


During the week they stay in their coop so not much chance of finding eggs else where.


Thanks for reading and thinking of advice.

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ive got a leghorn who is a bit like that i got her nearly 2 weeks ago, she laid one egg last sat and had no more since, was told she is a experienced egg layer from teh lady i got from so not sure why here, tonight though not sure if a crouch of her, as i lifted my lid up on my coop she jumped on the edge of the coop, and sat there with wings sort of hanging very relaxed, and happy to be with me at her side

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