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Built the cube this morning but had to go for plan B and put it outside our big run with an opening for the girls to get in. I was concerned that being outside our covered run there may be leakage problems, especially having read posts by fellow omleteers. We have had torrential showers this afternoon so I have just ventured out to have a look and it was completely dry inside :lol::lol: We must have been lucky :D


Now has any one got any ideas about what to do to take the lid off? Its right up against the run so I would have to move the cube backwards to clean inside - however, the ladder is inside the run so it means taking it off every time we move the cube. Anyone any ideas?? :think:









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Well... I have the same problem as you but haven't looked for a solution - just got on with it :oops:


Most of the time it doesn't bother me, there is just enough lee-way for me to move it fractionally back to slide the roof a little and get my hand down to open the back panel.


But Snowy, if I remember rightly, hasn't put the ladder on her cube and instead created a stick ladder by poking the sticks through her mesh, thus making it easier to move her cube back.



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Thanks for that Snowy and Helen. OH has come up with a plan which involves some of his "very useful wood" ( bits left over from everything else :roll: ) and he will make a bar across two struts of the run and attach the ladder to that. If it works I will post a pic tomorrow :lol:

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OK - spent all morning on "Plan C" but it seems to work OK and the chickens have been OK about climbing up and down the ladder :D




We attached a piece of wood to the upward struts using metal brackets and fastened the ladder to that. So now we can move the cube backwards without loosing the ladder! :lol:

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looks good 8)


Can somebody tell me if the cube is easy to manouvre? Do you pull it or push it?....ours is going to be in the back of our walk in run (inside) so on cleaning day I will have to wheel it out the door to clean it.


does it look easy to clean? and can i get in all the nooks and crannies like I can with the eglu?

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I imagine the cube is easy to move if you have it on a solid floor.

TBH i struggle to move mine in the hen hotel as its on hemcore and the girls kick it up into and around the wheels :roll:

I usually end up picking up one side and shifting it forawrd then going to the other side to do the same! :roll:


The cube is a dream to clean - i put 2 layers of newspaper in the bottom of each pooh tray and top it with hemcore. Come cleaning day i slide them out and straight into a tub trug, quick wipe over with a hot soapy rag and fill them up again. I use a dust pan to clean the nesting box as its a perfect fit width wise - scoop out the mess, quick wipe over and top back up with hemcore and a little straw.



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