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Emu's Chooks going Camping

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Just amazed by how 3 months have passed by since we got the chooks-from a starry eyed arrival by night to the next day nerves will they won't they come out of the eglu? To their first dustbath :lol: to their frantic sprint to the door to greet you for treats time.Their first eggs what a delightful surprise to their everyday egg treats. Really never thought chooks would make for such endearing and entertaining pets.


The forum has been brilliant and so helpful on all aspects of chicken keeping - first point of call on any query I have had to date.


Which leads to the next part- less than a week to go before we part for Dubai and the girls go camping. :anxious: Well they are going to be looked after by a lovely local lady who also keeps hens. Hers roost in trees! She has had them for over 5 years now with no problems.A spare chicken ark is available on standby should our girls not fancy the idea of the tree house-They have lived a very sheltered life in their cosy eglu. :lol:

Have packed their treat bowl,pellets,mixed corn,grit,bird seed and grapes and pocket money together with the omlet netting should they not want to mix with their chooks.Have I missed anything?

Going to take them over the night before and then check on them before we leave the next day,we shall all miss them.

Shall finish off our packing in the week!

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Would love to know how the chooks get on, Emu ... I've been wondering whether to try this approach when we go away for more than a couple of days, as there's a lady in our village who keeps quite a few hens and would be happy to look after mine. Just wondered whether they would be scared by the other chickens though, and would they adapt to being locked in their run for a week (without shouting all day!!).


Anyway, have a fab holiday, and let us know how your 'girls' get on!

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Dubai is a fantastic place. I haven't been there for a couple of years, but it is a wonderful vibrant city, with loads to do!


Re the hens, I would definitely keep them in the ark whilst they are on holiday. They aren't used to living 'up a tree' and you don't want them to come to any harm.


The safest place for them is locked up at night.


Have a good holiday :D

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Have fun and no they aren't tree roosters so please make sure the ark is big enough as you have an Orpington I think, Orpingtons could never roost high as they are a heavy breed. Also they will all be safe and not have the added stress of no where to roost.



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Must admit the ark option with the omlet netting would be my first choice,but if they don't roost there bearing in mind they have been up a 10ft ladder in their time,I would be happy for them to have an adventure too.Can't imagine them roosting outdoors in present weather conditions though.

Shall relax once they have spent their first night away i guess.

Shall let you all know how they get on.

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