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Rolo Rabbit

My first remix

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The weather is soooo bad, I can't be outside with my new girls and I certainly can't face the housework so I've just spent a happy half hour fiddling about on Photobucket. If I can get the link to work I thought you might like a look. Don't expect great things. http://s249.photobucket.com/albums/gg220/RoloRabbit/?action=view&current=87003490.pbr

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Babs Black Rock is 16 weeks and the other 2 are 15 weeks. They're so sweet. What's really surprised me is the fact that they want to be with us. As soon as we go into the run we hear scrabbling noises in their coop and out they pop. Very touching. :D AND we haven't even started on treats yet so it's not just cupboard love. Unless they're used to such things and keep hoping we're going to cough up. I really do need to go shopping. Maybe a few raisins a bit later...

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