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Wet on the floor - does this hurt?

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Our run does not have a plastic cover or roof on it and this has been ok as we have had dry weather, however today the ground is soaking in the run and all of the wood chippings are wet.


Will this hurt the chooks.


I have put some plastic on top of the run but the weather has been that bad the rain is going if from all sides?



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Hope not - mine sounds the same as yours! :? Woodchips are soaked.

I bought a plastic dust sheet and covered the cube run with two thirds of it, keeping the end open. OH took it off last night due to the winds, but I had to go out and put it back on earlier this afternoon. I got absolutely soaked, but the girls seemed to appreciate it :D . Chooks didn't seem to mind the rain too much and took cover under the cube. :o However, the run is no where near waterlogged so I'm sure they'll be fine.

Hope this weather calms down a bit!

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Unfortunately in weather as bad as this, water will find its way into the run whatever you do. :(


agree :(


We have a lovely walk in run with plastic corrugated roof...yesterday during the day it was bone dry :)


After the gales, sideways rain overnight and today -


run is absolutely soaked - even with plastic roofing :( so not much you can do in extremes like this.

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I feel really sorry for them in this weather. :( My new bantams are fairing the worst, they're in the eglu run (inside the walk-in run) and they've been going in and out of the eglu all day. As a result the inside of the eglu is all muddy. :roll: The big girls aren't doing so bad but I hope the weather improves soon - I don't want them getting "trench-foot".

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Mine seemed quite happy in the rain today. They've been free-ranging the longest that they've ever done.


They took shelter under the Cube when it was really bad but didn't seem bothered by it at all. They were scratching around and it was raining fairly hard. Seemed happy enough.

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