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Anyone one tried elephant grass as alternative to hemcore?

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We are using hemcore for our chickens which is excellent, but have to travel to buy it as our local Mole Valley Farmers outlet doesn't stock it. They have just started selling elephant grass which looks very similar as is slightly cheaper, plus of course no journey involved. Has anyone had any experince of it? Is it just as good?

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no idea! Is it being sold as bedding? Does it come in small pieces, dust free and absorbent? Could you ask the stockists if it's suitable for chickens?


Let us know if you get some, how it works out.

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I wouldn't buy anything to do with elephant grass - mainly with regard to conservation. It is an incredibly invasive plant and is only killed off in prolonged frosty weather - it is worse than Japanese Knotweed - bearing in mind the mild winters we have had. The local farm has grown a field of it and now it blocks a footpath, it towers over me and when I took a walk in that field it is like the horror movies amongst the corn - you get disorientated. It likes the damp and as the farmer has put it in a place with lots of natural springs, I think it could mean a lot of trouble - farewell to the watercress beds etc! There is also another farm near the Salisbury Plain that has acres upon acres of it. It is supposed to be low or zero carbon and they hope to use it for fuel.

That's my Victor Meldrew rant for the day - apologies!

Regards, Koojie

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