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Tessa the Duchess

Alternative iPod charger

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Just read this in to-day's paper.


Charge Your iPod through electrolysis.

All you have to do is soak an onion in an energy drink such as Lucozade,

for half an hour, make two holes in it and plug your USB wire into it.






But why do it?? :think:

If you gone to the effort & expense of buying those items, you've saved no more time or money than plugging it into a regular charger!

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Oh come on. How daft is this.


I have a couple of ipods and the appropriate chargers for them.


I like lucozade and I like onions.


If I got a lorry load of lucozade and a shed load of onions I could probably run a 20 watt light for half an hour. Fantastic. 1000000000000 litres of lucozade and 100000000000 onions and I might be able to boil enough water for a cup of tea. The wonders of modern science eh?


I once had a torch that worked by winding it up. You turned the handle and it charged up the torch.


I turned and turned and a feeble dribble of light came out of the bulb.

So I went off down the garden. I couldn't see anything, tripped over all the bird bath and broke it, bruised my leg and upset the neighbours with my language.

I ended up buying a new torch (batteries), a new bird bath and giving away some eggs to pacify the neighbours.


Daft idea.


Horses for courses. Actually it takes umpty trillion megaoojits of thingy to make one bottle of lucozade - which is really bad for the environment. So anyone daft enough to plug their ipod into it will get arrested by the global worming police (do you know about global worming - it can be stopped by mega doses of Flubenvet).


or even the global warming police.


And my ipods are really dear to me. why would I want to plug them into an onion?


Crackers. They really must be off their trolleys. Or at least one onion short of an ipod.

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