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growing cress

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Hubby is like a big kid again! We are growing cress in yogurt pots for the chooks, as they love it & also for us to have on our egg butties. Hubby is like he's at school again ' Oooo look the seeds have expanded'.....'Oooo look they've sprouted'....'Ooo look how it's growing'! :roll:

He's also growing carrot tops in a bit of water, cos he reckons the chooks will like the green stuff that grows out the tops of carrots. :roll: What next?



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We planted some cress last Sunday and this morning my daughter (6) told me ' it's like a forest!'


I always love growing cress cos you get such fast results and the smell always takes me back to childhood, so last Sunday we found some huge food trays and the twins tried to make a cress picture although they both ended up smothering the trays in seeds so now we've got more cress than we can eat, I hadn't thought of giving it to the girls so I'll take it out later- Thank you!! :D

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They eat absolutely anything green don't they. Mine and the chickens - gobble up sprouted mixed corn - they seem to like all sprouted seeds don't they?


Nice and soft and juicy - that's why I guess :lol:

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