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Bad weather - boo hoo!

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We were so hoping to get out in the garden this weekend and enjoy our new cube and chickens but the weather is so awful :x . I feel so sorry for them, :boohoo: guess they don't mind a bit of wind and rain but would have been nice to spend some time with them. The plus side of the bad weather is that they have stayed in their run for the recommended 5 days had it been fine I think I would have been rather tempted to let them out!


Cat :lol:

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It is pretty awful isn't it, I've just come in from putting a temporary roof of shower curtains over our walk in run (can't afford a proper roof yet) and there's now 14 bedraggled hens looking slightly happier. Now I've got the delightful task of raking out the soaking, muddy, disgusting mess the aubiose has turned into in only a few weeks.

Yuk. Just as well we love our hens. And typically it's forecast for sunshine bright and cold once the weekends over! :roll:


Mrs Bertie

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It has been rubbish weather hasn't it! My poor girls have had the run door open since 1 but only been out for half an hour :(


Mind you I did clean the Eglu and they seem to like going in for a long inspection once that's been done to make sure its up to their usual standards :lol: They are funny.

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Mine are loving the rain.


they come out just as early,


they stand in the rain.


when they go to bed they are fighting over a place so they can look out of the Cube. I don't close the door now the days have got longer - its light too early for me to get up in time to open it. And tonight, when I went up to put the food away, there were four of them squashed into the doorway trying to peer out.


And this week I've had 38 eggs from the 7 of them - the most I've ever had.


So I'm not moaning, and they seem to be happy enough as well.

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