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Martins Visit

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Sorry - I didn't get back in here before Martin's visit - and didn't take any photos :oops:


I think Martin enjoyed seeing our dirty eglus, we didn't make him clean any as it was getting a bit late and they would still be wet for hens bedtime.


He had a lovely clean white top on when he came................... now covered with little foorprints!


He's taken some eggs home to try and convince Dad.


I think Martin could persuade his Dad more easily if he started saving a bit more. A bit more than £6 Martin! :shock:


Fundraising ideas needed :lol:

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She was surprised at the size - they thought it was much bigger. They liked the size and much more practical for their garden.


They didn't seem fazed at having to stand in all the poo on the lawn - we need more rain to wash it away.


Forgot to say - luckily, the weather forecast was wrong again and we have had a beautiful sunny afternoon. We didn't have to stand out in vile weather :D


Martin and his brother are lovely, well mannered boys. Martin is still very enthusiastic about the whole idea and still has orders for eggs!!!

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