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I have a cunning plan......

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When Omlet announce the mk3 eglu-


1 - Phone immediatly & order an orange one,along with a couple of Glug 'n' Grubs


2 - Phone Good Life & order 2 Sapphires & 2 jasmines


3 - Buy a couple of decent bottles of red- Valpollicella should do it :P


4 - Feed said wine to The Hubby,followed by Nigellas Greek lamb Stew & home made chocolate cake


5 - Say how the little bit of land between the chicken pen & the shed is all bare & wasted.Especially as I have done no planting of shrubs in this area for some reason :wink:


6 - Say also how I have noticed a roll of chicken wire behind the shed which would be wasted unless.....................


7 - We extend the run & get a few blue egg layers :P:P:P:P:P:P


8 - Say also how all my pals on the forum would LOVE to see our run extended & evolved.Hubby quite liked to positive comments last time 8)


9 - Start thinking up chicken names on a floral theme



Well,what do you think?

Will it work ?

I intend to enlist the daughters in my mission too :P


We intend to get out the big guns & book him a snowboarding holiday if needs be.he missed out on this years trip & is 40 next spring :D


Poor chap doesn't really stand a chance 8)

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